Shari has been with me since September 2010.   What a great addition to our staff.  Her impressive background and knowledge of accounting, taxes and all the previous experience she has in running an office have been a real asset.   Shari worked in the legal field for many years plus worked in many business where she was the office manger.  She knows what needs to be done and gets to it.   Her extensive knowledge in tax preparation has been wonderful.  Shari knows how to deal with the public and is able to work one on one so that we are on a timely basis. 
Shari Bothun-Panzica



Aggie has been with us since December of 2000.  Aggie has an Associate Degree in Supervisory Processing and a Degree in Data Processing.  Her extensive 30 year experience in a large corporate environment brings great value to our office in addition to her great organizational skills, her happy go lucky personality keeps us going during the hectic tax season.  Aggie retired early 2017 but we love her so much she still feels a part of us.



Bill has a B.S. Degree in Accounting.  His emphasis to detail and thirty plus years of experience makes this office run efficient.  Bill is a great teacher and helps out tremendously with the newcomers and seasonal help.   Though Bill is here only during tax season he has been with us a long time.  Don't tell anyone but he is my brother.!

Tony Panzica has been with me part time for a couple of years but is here full time during tax season and part-time during non-tax season months.  Those of you that have met Tony know what a great asset he is out in the front desk.  He genuinely loves people and he knows what customer service is all about.   He has added so much to the running of this office it is hard to remember what it was like without him.  He has taken on payroll for a couple of our challenging jobs and handled it like a pro.  

Bev Anderson joined us in 2017 and wow what a difference she has made in the tax season to make it more smooth flowing.   She retired from her previous full-time employment but likes to keep her skills and vast knowledge current.
Her organizing and leadership skills have helped our office tremendously.   She fit in right away and kept our office from getting to far behind.    It also helps she is my sister.!