Member of the National Society of Accountants

Member of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP)

Member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents
Member of Wisconsin Society of Enrolled Agents

Licensed to Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service

At age 18 I started out working for two lawyers who both prepared a lot of tax returns  Working for them for more than 9 years I learned a tremendous amount of tax and accounting facts.  After both lawyers recommended that I go back to school because of my natural instinct in understanding tax law, I earned my E.A.

I firmly believe that having learned the basics of tax law and accounting through work experience first, gave me an advantage before going back to school.  Also, while in school I worked part-time at various accounting and law firms, developing an even stronger foundation to create my own business. 

In 1981, I opened my doors and BCH Tax & Financial LLC has been growing ever since.